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ETD Submission/Approval Process The University uses the Pro Quest ETD Administrator to facilitate the submission/approval process of GW electronic theses and dissertations.By submitting to the Pro Quest ETD Administrator, the final and approved version of your thesis or dissertation will be deposited to Pro Quest's Dissertation and Theses Online Database and the University's institutional repository, GW Scholar Space.You will continue to refer to this information as you write, format, and prepare to submit your thesis or dissertation.

Note: If your research will involve observing, surveying, interviewing, or experimenting on human subjects, you must consult with your department/school representative to the University’s Institutional Review Board.

If your research meets the definition of human subjects research, you will need to complete ethics training and submit a project description for IRB approval before you can begin the project.

In many cases, the full text of the thesis or dissertation may also be available.

This database is the same for both KUMC and the Lawrence campuses, however, due to differences in licensing, it is accessed through different links.

To find more information about the workshop, please review the links below.

If you have questions about this workshop, please contact Marianne Reed.You can then download the files that you need to your computer.Mac-Word 2016 Login using your AU email and password.The proposal should convey the feasibility of the proposed project and present evidence of the soundness of the proposed methodology for accomplishing the research.Consult with your advisor for more information on your school or college’s proposal procedures.We encourage you to explore theses and dissertations previously published by students from your department and related fields.This can be a great way to learn more about how students are handling field-specific requirements or challenges, like large numbers of images or large data sets.We hope you will find this method easy to use and a great tool to make your document instantaneously available to faculty, potential employers, and interested readers worldwide.To learn about ETDs and the many other benefits of doing an ETD, please consult the About GW ETDs page on this website.For instructions regarding the upload process, see Chapter 4 of the ETD Style Guide. Brennan, MLSCopyright Librarian Scholarly Communication and Licensing 33458 Charles E.


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