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We see in newspapers and magazines and on television screens the mass graves and torture chambers imposed by Saddam Hussein and his accomplices. Now as before, now more than ever, it is waiting for us.One cannot but feel grateful to the young Americans who leave their families, some to lose their lives, in order to bring to Iraq the first rays of hope—without which no people can imagine the happiness of welcoming freedom.

Like lost children, the American soldiers wept and wept with rage and sadness.

And we received their tears as if they were heartrending offerings from a wounded and generous humanity.

One of the most horrific genocides of all time was committed by the Nazis against the Jews during World War II.

After the Holocaust occurred, the nations of the world vowed to prevent another genocide.

America understands that a nation is great not because its economy is flourishing or its army invincible but because its ideals are loftier. And what are we to make of the despicable, abominable “interrogation methods” used on Iraqi prisoners of war by a few soldiers (but even a few are too many) in Iraqi military prisons?

Hence America’s desire to help those who have lost their freedom to conquer it again. And the support some administrations gave to corrupt regimes in Africa or the Middle East? Hope is the key word for men and women like myself, who found in America the strength to overcome cynicism and despair. It takes vision and courage to undergo serious soul-searching and to favor moral conscience over political expediency. Not surprising, some Europeans do not share such views.

Even if only one free individual is left, he is proof that the dictator is powerless against freedom.

But a free man is never alone; the dictator is alone.

However, ethnic 2 cleansing and genocides still occur today in places like Bosnia and Kosovo.

The portrayal of genocide in Elie Wiesels Night demonstrates the Nazis goal of annihilation, which parallels the goal of the Serbs in Kosovo.


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