Employee Motivation Dissertation

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Several other studies have arrived at similar conclusions on the validity of the relationship between transformational leadership and employee motivation.

It is indeed true that when leaders engage in inspirational behaviours such as articulating a compelling vision, expressing confidence and optimism, emphasizing on collective identities and referencing core values; employees become more motivated and they set more value-congruent goals and remain committed to their organization (Grant 2012).

When the transformational leader articulates a vision in an idealized manner and when he/she challenges the status quo; the employees are also challenged to reflect on the idealized vision and to re-examine their behaviour that is supporting the status quo (Porteret al.2003).

Through intellectual stimulation, transformational leaders encourage employees to develop their abilities, thereby enhancing their innovative and creative capabilities.

As such, leadership plays a vital role in employee performance and motivation.

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Among the various types of leadership styles, transformational leadership has gained more popularity and attention, perhaps due to its productive, supportive and innovative nature (Shah et al. Literature on transformational leadership has identified significant positive impacts on employee motivation.

In this paper, we critically explore the motivational effects of transformational leadership on employee.

The paper begins by exploring on the concept of transformational leadership.

Intellectual stimulation refers to transformational behaviours that raise the awareness of employees of the problems facing them and challenges them to view their problems from new perspectives (Kark & Shamir 2003).

These transformational behaviours significantly impact upon employee motivation and performance.


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