Encountering Conflict Essay Conclusion

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EE lacks logic in that there is no consistency or universalizability.

It can not resolve moral conflicts as there is no agreed upon principle of the GOOD amongst EE's in a conflict. At the United Nations they operate with the principle of UTILITY in an effort to resolve conflicts and avoid violence. The religious fanatics who employ tactics of violence and terror such as the Islamicists use DIVINE COMMAND as their principle.

Occasional tension or arguments are a normal part of family life.

Whether it’s with your parents or siblings, there are things you can do to stop conflict from getting worse.

Don't sweat the small stuff If it's something small, like teasing, try not to get wound up. Count to 10 It might sound stupid but walking away and counting to ten can be a good way to avoid saying something you’ll regret later.

It also gives you time to come back with a better response.Remember that you can have your own opinions, based on your personal experience, beliefs and values, and you don’t always have to agree with your family.If you feel like you’re in danger, go to our urgent help page. There are a number of services that can talk you through the best approach to your situation and help you work out a solution.Well you may be correct in thinking that most people in the world are Ethical Egoists (EE) in that they think about what pleases them first.But it may be time for humankind to grow up and mature and use reason and decide what each of us will live and die for.However, if you feel unsafe or can’t resolve it on your own, you should get help.There are different ways of dealing with family conflict. Even if they just give you some time to think about what to do next, that’s a start.What will be the principle of the GOOD used to make moral decisions?Do you want to make decisions with yourself at the center or do you want to THINK and arrive at a principle consistent with your values that you will use to make moral decisions and you will attempt to convince others to use as well so that there can be resolution to moral conflicts.If a person is tempted to think that several of the theories could be employed in a single life the result would be a person who would choose which theory to employ to support the decision of what that person was to do in a manner that would provide that person with the outcome that the person most preferred.This approach is a consequentialist approach, which is centered on the outcome for the decision maker.


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