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In fact Pamuk conceived of both, the museum and the novel, simultaneously; the museum just took much longer to complete.

“Writing a novel is difficult,” Pamuk observes in a conversation with me, “but it is nothing compared to creating a museum.” Now that it is finally finished, the museum is reshaping the city.

An American student has become weary of postcolonial studies and is looking for alternatives.

A Chinese postdoc based in Canada believes that studying literature across cultures will generate a new humanism.

Bilgi University itself is an example of a similar process.

Originally a private university financed by a Turkish businessman with ties to leftist dissidents, it is now part of a U.

Pamuk is irked when accused of writing for a global authorship only, just as he is irked when his novels are approached as postcolonial literature.

"Turkey has never been colonized," he pointed out to Gayatri Spivak in Istanbul in 2009, and reminds everyone of the history of the Ottoman Empire, whose demise modern Turkey still mourns.

The two chairs of comparative literature here at Bilgi University, Jale Parla and Murat Belge, have been stalwarts of a non-nationalist approach to literature, often against much opposition.

But the star of the summer session is Orhan Pamuk, something of a poster child of the new world literature.


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