E.P. Copper Essay

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Not consuming enough copper may eventually lead to deficiency, which can be dangerous.

Other causes of copper deficiency are celiac disease, surgeries affecting the digestive tract and consuming too much zinc, as zinc competes with copper to be absorbed.

Industrial Uses for Copper Alloys Because of their high thermal conductivity, excellent hardness, and high temperature strength, copper alloys are frequently used for applications requiring high electrical conductivity and superior mechanical strength.

It is its strength that makes this alloy a great choice when you require wear and corrosion resistance, and excellent bearing properties.

When blood copper levels are low, these thyroid hormone levels fall.

As a result, the thyroid gland may not work as effectively. Given that the thyroid gland helps regulate your metabolism and heat production, low thyroid hormone levels could make you feel colder more easily (26, ).

Several animal studies have shown that copper deficiency may cause anemia ().

Additionally, cells use copper to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body’s main source of energy.

Aviva Metals carries wrought alloys, continuous cast, centrifugal cast, and sand cast alloys.

Our computer-aided manufacturing processes have been developed to produce exceptional, consistent quality in every copper alloy we produce.


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