Era Of Good Feelings Essay

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The Panic of 1891 made tension between the sections, and growing sectionalism repeatedly influenced the politics of the 1820s.

Differences between different sections of the country were broadening by a financial panic which swept across the country in 1819.

The Jeffersonian balance between individual liberty and responsible government had apparently been reached.

Yet the Era of Good Feeling could not last in a society of so many contending interests.

This phrase has often been used to describe Monroes presidency, but it is somewhat misleading.

The first few years of Monroes presidency were blessed with peace, liberty, and progress.The Era of Good Feelings lasted from year 1815 to 1825.The Era reached its peak in the Election of 1820, when President James Monroe was re-elected with all but one electoral vote.This brought about deflation, depression, bank failures, foreclosures and unemployment, a decrease in agriculture and manufacturing, and overcrowded prisons.The panic of 1819 began the end of the economic growth that followed the War of 1812.If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.Thanks for visiting our website, and enjoy the rest of your stay!Monroe supported a standing Army, strong Navy, fortifications, and support for manufacturing.It was said at the time that the Republicans have out federalized federalism.His term in office became known as the Era of Good Feeling, in because of the political cooperation stemming from one party politics and because of Americas morale after the War of 1812.Monroe was not considered a president with outstanding intellect, nor was he considered a strong leader, but he was known to be extremely dedicated, level headed, and sincere.


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