Essay About Different Culture

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Culture is a multifaceted concept, with a lot of different definitions.

but, simply put, culture refers to a group or community with which one shares common experiences that shape the way they understand the world.

All communication is cultural, meaning that it draws on ways people have learned to talk and give nonverbal messages.

People do not constantly converse the same way from day-to-day, since things like circumstance, individual character, and mood interact with the diversity of cultural influences that influence ones choices.

There are six fundamental patterns of cultural differences or ways in which cultures, as a whole, tend to vary from one another.

The first is that the way people communicate differs greatly between, and even within, cultures.

Communication is interactive, so a significant influence on its effectiveness is ones relationship with others.

The issue is that even with all the kindness in the world, miscommunication is liable to take place, particularly when there are important cultural disparities between communicators.

In the West, time tends to be seen as quantitative, measured in units that replicate the march of advancement.

It is rational, chronological, and present focused, moving with incremental conviction toward the future.


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