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It is a problem that directly impacts the structure and functioning of the brain causing grave damage to it.

Whatever be the reason, it is essential to understand that drug abuse only aggravates the problems rather than solving them. Those who have already fallen prey to this problem can seek expert guidance to overcome it.

Proper medication, support from loved ones and strong will power can take one out of the dark world of drug abuse.

Drug abuse hampers a person’s power to practice self-control and interferes with their ability to resist the urge to take drugs.

Drugs are initially taken out of choice, however, it becomes hard to resist them sooner than you realize.

Here is a look at these: There are many factors that can trigger a relapse.

Medications are being developed to control these triggers.

Drug abuse involves compulsive and excessive intake of drugs over a period of time.

Repeated use of drugs results in developing addiction that has harmful repercussions.

Drug abuse particularly impacts the brain and can also lead to other health issues such as kidney failure and heart problem.

Here are essays on Drug Abuse of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam.


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