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You need to do your best to make a great impact on your audience and ensure that they will retain all the information you presented to them.That is not easy, and it goes without saying that a good Power Point presentation can’t be created in a few minutes.

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These aspects impeded our appropriate decision-making initiatives in terms of framing and tailoring of the presentation details.

Just like any other group-work, hierarchical-structured model was the basis of my experience in presentation development where the overall group performance concentrated with the leader’s positioning within the context of social structure of the group.

Consequently, the context of “the expectation states theoryof group-members’ traits that provided team support would surpass subordination to perform task-related obligations. Retrieved March 17, 2014 from Skll/Johari The Two Sides of Conflict. Retrieved March 17, 2014 from Van Scotter, L., Sillers, D.

In such a situation, the subordinates’ role behavior creates positive social influence on the conflict-escalating nature of (Van Scotter et al., 2011, p. Essentially, I had the task of selecting domain framework and documenting conceptual data needed to frame the discussed ideas- used during the storyline preparation – and evolving my cognition around the controversial suggestions of group members. Tuckman – forming, storming, norming and performing in groups, the encyclopaedia of informal education. Retrieved March 17, 2014 from Johari Window: Using self-discovery and communication to build trust.

Some of the conflicts lead to open discussions where parties share information to clarify and verify its content to provide the parties with reliable information.

Importantly, the group should resolve all the tensions and conflicts arising among its members and use the learning experience gained to improve its work.

Indeed, the workable alternatives helped us proactively Notably, applying consistence with the context of typical patterns of team conflict, the experience of our team was effective in terms of the emergence of positive discussion outcomes since the nature of simulation technique allowed us not to experience “routine” and “relationship conflict” on the individual interactive level (“The Two Sides of Conflict”, n.d.).

level of detail and its support with the respective amount of evidence collected by the means of the conflict-escalating discussions that encouraged participants to prove the reliability of the suggested details.

Arguably, these suggestions are the possible corrective actions and this approach would help to increase sharing of responsibility for the outcomes of the suggested solutions and enhance group unity. Further, the conflict-based discussions enabled the group members to create and capture the value of the message for the intended audience. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice, 12 (3), 210-222.

Additionally, the discussions enabled the team members to select the most possible amount of the supporting evidence that proved the reliability of our arguments. Retrieved from, J., & Miskel, J.


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