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The United Nations start to act by placing some of their soldiers protecting the hotel but with the orders of keeping peace and not shooting.

Many more refugees arrive from the Red Cross and orphanages.

The genocide was carried out because of the injustice that was committed by the colonization.

When Europeans decided who was a Tutsi and who was a Hutu by their racial characteristics, they gave more important roles and privileges to Tutsis which angered the Hutus. It teaches people about Rwanda while at the same time educates them about the Rwandan genocide. However, Paul ended up saving the lives of roughly 1,200 Tutsi tribe members who turned to him for help, by conforming a four star hotel in Rwanda into a refugee shelter when being left in control. The hotel manager determined to fight uses his resources and political connections to keep the Tutsi in the refugee hotel safe. The issues addressed in Hotel Rwanda have dense impact in the workplace. What have you learned from this movie about managing diversity? The events that took place 1994 in Rwanda were terrible and very disturbing to see.

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Paul constantly bribes officers, militia men and Hutu rebels with money, jewelry, and alcohol to avoid problems with his family and the hotel.

As days pass, many refugees arrive at the hotel to protect themselves from the Hutus. Rwanda's political ecology is another factor that needs to be reviewed. (Uvin 8) Rwanda presently has 6 represented political parties. Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing Rwanda 1994 In April of 1994, another horrifying chapter in human history was written. Before imperial powers exercised their influence on Rwanda, the Tutsi and Hutus lived in relative peace and harmony. That is until German colonial rule introduced European racial theories into Rwanda. From this time on ethnic conflicts plagued Rwanda for decades. The Americans for example were hesitant to call the slayings in Rwanda a genocide.


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