Essay About How I Spent My Weekend

Essay About How I Spent My Weekend-65
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On the weekends we decided instead to stay home and watch a movie we save almost 45 dollars. What I like about the museums I see on the weekends is that I get to be in another world for a while. I love having the people that I am close with near me or on the phone.

Sometimes we have problems choosing a movie because 2 of us like action movies the best but the other 3 friends like comedy movies. I get to look at things that I don’t always look at and I get to think about things I don’t always get time to think about. It reminds me of where I came from and who I really am. They can make a bad weekend with a really good weekend.

It has reached the 20th century only in one interpretation, which was available for those who were interested in the “Arrest Memorable du parlement de Tolose” of Jean de Coras, the French jurist who became the participant in the trial of Martin Guerre.

Only after four centuries, the story has received a new, almost opposite, light considering its features from another angle.

On a certain weekend, the crime rates reported were so high that the police department raised serious concern over the issue.

In light of this therefore, the department decided to carry out an analysis into the issue in order to establish the root cause of the problem.

A lot of the time I choose to watch movies on the weekend. I usually call my friends to see if they also want to watch movies. I like to go to parks or hikes where I can see all of these things. My favorite museums are science museums but I also like nature, art, and wax museums. It’s all very interesting to me and I keep traveling back to learn more.

If they agree we then have to decide whether we want to pay more money to go out and see a movie or whether we want to pay less money and stay in to watch a movie. If there is a new movie out in the movie theatre that looks good we go to see it. Movie tickets are over 10 dollars so if all five of us spend that then we are spending 50 dollars. I have traveled to far places to see museums before. A final thing I enjoy doing on my weekends I just being with or talking to my friends and family.

In particular, the organization is interested in raising awareness of poverty, violence within the society, and environmental concerns.

Do is mainly composed of young people and aims at using them to transform the world and the future for upcoming generations (Do Something, 2015).


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