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Most dogs living in human homes acquire this behaviour spontaneously without the need of specific training.

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At some point, academics might even see a reason to change their mind and stop seeing dogs just as a group of animals, but rather as a bunch of individuals.

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So many true life stories say how the dogs have saved their masters’ life from the clutches of death. Although no record is available about his origin, researchers say that he (dog) had existed millions of years ago, and that he was the cousin of the wolves. Until dogs teamed up with men, he was a bit wild animal.

His association with men had started when he always found something to eat from the leftovers tossed out by the hunters and poachers when camping. They are classified under six groups, like Toy group, Terrier, Hound, Gundog, Utility and Working group.

These six groups are further categorized into many such as, Hunting groups, Herding dogs, Guard dogs, Rescue dogs, Battle field group, Sledge group, Security dogs and so on.

Hunting dogs help men to locate the target after it was shot.Being social animals, dogs have a biological tendency to learn by observation, meaning that this skill can be capitalised by modern training methods.The last 25 years have significantly increased our knowledge about dogs, their history, and their social skills.Actually, there is still a great need for research on dog behaviour.Dogs play an important role in the family, despite people knowing so little about the needs and desires of the animal. However, disregarding this academic approach, many people view their animal companions as family members.Dogs, often called ‘man’s best friend,’ are no exception.Moreover, very young dogs follow the pointing gestures of humans at a much younger age than intensively socialised wolves.Compared to wolves that might also learn this gesture by the time they are adults, dogs seem to be better prepared by their specific history of domestication, showing a higher interest in human behaviour and communicative activities.Despite this old saying, science had generally neglected research on dogs until the end of the 19th century.At that time, both phylogenetics (looking at the history of animals by the means of genetic tools based on the study of the DNA sequence), and sciences associated with the study of behaviour (such as comparative psychology, animal behaviour, or ethology) realized that dogs offered a unique possibility not only for understanding the biology of this species but the history of humanity.


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