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The literary culture of the Spanish-speaking Southwest developed spasmodically in a harsh frontier environment marked by episodes of intense cultural conflict, first largely with native Americans and later with Anglo-Americans.

Literary forms commonly produced in frontier cultures predominate: personal and historical narratives which sought to capture the epic experiences of conquest and settlement; and, of course, poetry of various types, frequently religious and occasional.

Against the above, we should not forget that Mexico is a country in which most exercise acts of discrimination against different groups of population, whether by age, cultural, ideological reasons, and religious.

Due to all these discriminations, disabled people in age of old age, of different race, or simply people of sexual no favorite genre, live limited to having no job, not having the same opportunities of growth than others and be part of a society where poverty reaches a stereotypes. This is due to population growth in mexico is high compared with what the Government of our country can handle, ocacionando that extreme poverty, giving when the population has 3 or more social deprivation, becomes increasingly more large.

Inequality in Mexico has been considered as one of the big reasons to grow our poverty every day, where the discrimination is directly reflected.

In addition, in our country have a population growth exaggerated, where four of every ten Mexicans are poor, according to the data reflected in the Mexican economy.Still not enough with this, in addition to extreme poverty in our country, should we include what it gives us, as violence caused by having so many different forms of poverty, and also, with this we realize that ignorance in our country, is also a negative result of the shortcomings that are in Mexican society. It is here where we can see that the inequality in mexico is, without a doubt, a very important trigger for poverty in our country, and it's much more high percentage of poor to the rich at the national level.In the past 25 years, the real income of households grew a 1. This is result of that in our country, the salaries for senior people are very high, but for people in low positions, as a laborer, the salary is low while they are people with fewer opportunities and more need.Between 20 the number of poor Mexicans increased by 500,000 people, going from 52. To increase the population, there is more demand of services and, in the short term, work, and in Mexico it's more the poor class middle and rich, is more the population which poor grows, and so increase many more needs that fail to cover completely.The care of the needs of a rapidly growing population can be a major challenge to the ability of a country to manage its resources efficiently, and because resources are not sufficient for everyone in mexico, this makes it even more complicated to the passage of time, for example, people living in rural areas You can not have access to drinking water, electricity, food and needs basic to survive.Chicanos can be native-born citizens or Mexican-born immigrants who have adapted to life in the United States.For me, Chicano and Mexican American are interchangeable, although some scholars would argue, not without justification, that the terms are distinct, the former connoting a certain degree of cultural awareness and political activism about which the latter is relatively neutral.Everyone is very lovely and we try to get together every weekend with all of our friends and family.We have a lot of amazing food and my favourite is which is the Spanish word for 'hats', they are the big round colourful hats everyone expects us to wear around in the streets while singing and dancing while wearing colourful clothing.Coming to America during Spain's Golden Age, the era of Cervantes, Lope de Vega and Góngora, the conquistadores were avid story tellers and makers, depositing legends, tales, and songs along the paths of conquest.In 1598, Juan de Oñate and a group of 500 colonists celebrated their settlement of New Mexico with a dramatic presentation composed for the occasion.


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