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Persian halvah, she explains, is flour-based, with rose water.

“I love halvah,” Simnegar adds, “but I can't give up my hamentaschen on Purim! baking powder 5 cups flour Fillings (your choice) strawberry or apricot preservers chocolate chips or brownie mix, prepared according to pkg directions prune butter (lekvar) : 1.

She goes on to explain that Queen Esther's Hebrew name, Hadassah, means “myrtle.” (Her husband is Persian – and it was his mother who taught her the secrets of Persian cuisine.) “When the myrtle leaves are crushed, they give a very sweet scent,” Simnegar continues in her essay on Purim in the chapter on Jewish holidays. Place raw cookies about 1 inch apart onto prepared cookie sheets.

“Similarly, as Hadassah (Queen Esther) was being “crushed” in the palace by her evil husband King Achashverosh, this brought out the sweetness and the best in her.

Rava believed that Mordechai’s ambition and jealousy – not religious convictions – led him to humiliate Haman and put the entire Jewish community at risk.

For Rava, Haman and Mordechai were more similar than different. Rava also believed that wine could help people achieve deeper insight.

” Since few of us can pass up this traditional treat, below is her recipe, which she credits to her friend Shifra Schwartz: 3 eggs 1 cup sugar ¾ cup canola oil 1/3 cup apple juice or sweet wine 1 T.

Even when my children were very young, I worried about alcohol addiction.

The term Purim refers to the lottery system that Haman used to decide what day the massacre would take place.

Plays re-enacting the story are popular during Purim.


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