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However, there are those who oppose this move citing that it would disrupt the whole schooling process and encourage laziness.Biological research by some scientists has found out that, teenagers still need sleep upto early morning.

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However, many people believe that delaying school start times would positively impact students, outweighing the disadvantages. "School Start Time and Sleep." National Sleep Foundation.

I believe that delaying school start times would be a magnificent idea for many schools.

There are very few days during the school year where I get the opportunity to eat breakfast, and when I do, I notice, myself, to be more attentive while in class.

However, when I am not able to eat breakfast, my ability to function in class is inferior, or not very good, because of the thoughts “hurry up lunch time” and “wish I had time to eat this morning.” This leads me to be less intent while in class.

Therefore, grades and test scores are lower than their potential. Clearly, the best viewpoint on this subject is to revise start times for high schools in order for students to obtain a more desirable sleep cycle and overall improved health. "Wakin' Up Is Hard to Do: The Challenge of Sleep in Teen Years." Wakin' Up Is Hard to Do: The Challenge of Sleep in the Teen Years.

In fact, “a recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation showed that only 20 percent of teenagers report getting the optimal 9 hours of sleep o... It is very important to note that sleep performs a biological function that is fundamental to the human body, especially in teenagers more than in children and adults.Most teenagers have always complained that the reporting time of seven o'clock, they are supposed to go to school is cruel to them; they needed more sleep that would help them improve their grades. They say that most teenagers stay up late into the night talking on the phone, doing homework, or playing games, and that is why the feel sleepy during the morning hours.Also stating, eating breakfast helps students from having constant thoughts of when lunch time is or from having rumbling stomachs. However, if school continues to begin early, a decline in student intelligentsia could occur, meaning the future will have very few assiduous individuals. This research shows how important breakfast is for student’s cognitive abilities, which springs a reason to why schools should begin later in the morning. Works Cited "Backgrounder: Later School Start Times." Later School Start Times: Benefits & Cons. School should begin later in the morning so that students can have more time to be better prepared to hit the books. First of all, school starting later in the morning will give students the time to eat breakfast. President & Fellows of Harvard College, Summer 2012. Research has it that most of the teenagers are fast asleep during dawn hours.Notably, this is the time that they are supposed to prepare and go to school.They also propose that teenagers should learn on how to manage their time in an effective manner and get enough sleep.In conclusion, while the debate goes on, schools should find a way of balancing their busy schedule with the time that students come to schools.


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