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It is not always possible to create an organizational climate conducive to work.Various departments, groups and external environment factors affect individual behaviour.They occur as regular features in many cases and have no long – lasting impact on the working capacities of the employees.

It is not always possible to create an organizational climate conducive to work.

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He views that stress is the spice of life, the absence of stress is death.

Stress is usually considered to be negative and caused due to something bad. Ivancevich and Matterson define stress as “the interaction of the individual with the environment” According to Beehr and Newman2, stress is a condition arising from the interaction of people and their jobs and characterised by changes within people that force them to deviate from their normal functioning.

As it is clear from the definition that stress is caused due to external factors,situations or events.

These have adverse impact on the individual characteristics and psychological processes.

High desire, uncertainty, result of promotion examination, unrealized ambition may cause stress to the individual.

Stress should not be confused with anxiety or nervous tension and damaging.

Minimal level of stress is required for organizations to operate effectively.

Excessive stress is harmful for the individual as it causes mental and physical disequilibrium and subsequently leads to physical and mental disturbance.


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