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This report shows the effect television programs have on the attitude of today’s youth.These research findings are confined to the United States of America as the knowledge and collective behaviors of contemporary Americans are everywhere.

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Television programs use fake guns and fake blood to represent the violent acts during acting and these make the violence shows on television fake (Kaufman, 2004).

Violent scenes on television may not be a great deal for the adults because adults know the difference between reality and fantasy compared to children who know nothing about it or not clear about the difference between reality and fantasy.

Not only that, they will also be more likely to be influenced with what they have seen regularly like smoking and drinking scenes which are shown frequently in these television programs and even commercials.

This will encourage the development of such unhealthy habits at an early age (Bora, 2009).

Like any other problem, there is always a solution, in order to ensure that television is used as a source of knowledge and healthy entertainment, one must be sure to watch it in moderation by setting a time limit when you sit down to watch it.

Besides that, the government, the parents and the teachers should encourage today’s youth to participate in other positive activities like playing outdoor and indoor games.

Hence, they will show more aggressive behavior after watching the violent scenes.

Everyone knows that viewers may imitate positive and negative behaviors from the television programs.


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