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At Dunder-Mifflin Scranton, lagging sales constantly threaten the branch's existence.Underutilized salesman Jim learns that a company branch manager cares as much about a video game as he does about selling paper."You're fired." Oh, "you're fired." He just makes people sad. The Office: The atmosphere, created by society or the media?

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In a culture where we control our own narratives through the curation of photos and status updates on social networks, it's no surprise that these modern, relatable characters feel violated by a camera crew wresting that control away.That storyline was refreshing and innovative, but it came too late in the show's lifespan to rescue it.Hopefully, some other, younger mockumentary (Parks and Rec?But writers can only use constructed bonding experiences, like an awkward sexual harassment training session or an impromptu "Office Olympics," so many times to illustrate the lengths to which white-collar drones will go to survive another excruciating day. So The Office's characters developed, and their individual stories gradually outshone the show's focus on survival in a corporate setting.By Season Five, the show was struggling to transition from a narrative about a listless workplace to a comedy that just happened to be set in an office.While such plot twists made sense from the standpoint of character development, they took the focus away from the monotony of everyday paper salesmanship and failed to generate the same exceptionally effective situational humor.Thus, throughout its long autumn, The Office often came across as the shell of something once great.Like their dead-end jobs and the dead-end lives that inevitably spring from such jobs, these people were just passing time, one prolonged meeting at a time.Just as reality television soothes a viewer's inner narcissist by telling stories of even more pronounced narcissists wreaking havoc on their surroundings, The Office made its audience feel better about their professional lives by showcasing a workplace with even drabber décor and more grating coworkers.There isn't a more quintessentially American form of relaxation than resting your feet on a coffee table after a long day at work and turning on the tube.After all, what better way to take your mind off of the job you left just a few hours earlier than by watching a TV show? NBC's mockumentary sitcom, which concludes its ninth and final season on Thursday, flipped the TV-as-a-distraction-from-real-life paradigm by setting the action in precisely the type of workplace many people long to escape.


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