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Below we have provided essay on traffic rules and covered various topics.

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Traffic lights alternate the right of way for vehicles passing through the intersection, thus making the commuting easy.

Traffic signals are also installed at pedestrian crossings to regulate their movement, alternatively it with the vehicles’.

We have slow moving traffic like – rickshaws, carts along with cars, buses, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians and often animals; all using the same road.

Besides, motorcyclists, bicycle riders and pedestrians are the most vulnerable, as they are difficult to spot on a crowded and busy road.

The main objective of traffic signals is the regulation of traffic.

Traffic signals are also commonly called traffic lights, traffic lamps and signal lights.Not to mention the road sides stalls and eateries, those have encroached on the road and footpaths, only making things vulnerable for pedestrians.In this scenario, a collision is the only next reality, if traffic rules are not followed promptly.Even vendors and road side stalls could be easily spotted encroaching on the road.With so much huge variety of vehicles and different commuters, it becomes imperative to design specific rules, to be followed while using the road in order to ensure safe transit for everyone. They are a set of rules and regulations formulated, to be obeyed while using the roads.Rule like “keep left” is meant to give pass to vehicles coming from opposite direction, as well as to other vehicles approaching from behind and travelling in the same direction.Rule mandating a slow down while approaching a zebra crossing is meant for the safety of pedestrians.Where and Why Are Traffic Signals Installed Traffic signals are installed at road intersections and at pedestrian crossings.Intersections are the vital junction points where, an unregulated traffic flow could lead to accidents and long traffic congestions.You can very well use the following traffic rules essays in a school competition, debate or a talk about traffic safety or relevant issues.Indian roads are overcrowded with various types of vehicles – cars, buses, trucks, farm vehicles (tractors etc), along with bicycles, rickshaws (three wheeled passenger cart), motorcycles and pedestrians.


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