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They also need to be sensitive to these differences that can contribute to their effectiveness in cross cultural communication.In today's global business world, a manager has to understand cultural differences and their meanings in business relations. 281 Legge quadro in materia di animali di affezione e prevenzione del randagismo. Procedura di infrazione 2006/2131 Decreto Presidente Consiglio dei Ministri del Inserimento della specie leprica (Lepus corsicanus) nell’elenco delle specie cacciabili di cui all’art.

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Businesses must be aware of the impact of cultural diversity on important business factors especially communication and the degree of the effect of cultural diversity on it (Henderson, 2001).

Today's workforce is made up of many types of people.

A view of business, organisation and human resource literature produced three types of definitions of diversity: Narrow category-based definition (e.g.

gender, racial or ethnic differences); broad category-based definition (e.g.

Against the backdrop of broad definitions, on the one hand, and the narrow ones on the other, generating a definition of workplace diversity that will be relevant and applicable in different cultures proves to be a challenge.

Workplace diversity focused on the similarities and differences of the people that they bring to an organization.Diversity initiatives create the workplace environment and organizational culture by making differences work.It is about teaching and learning from others who are different, it is about dignity and respect for all, and about creating workplace environments and practices that encourage learning from others and capture the advantage of diverse perspectives.a long list of categories including such variables as marital status and education); and conceptual rule definition that is based on variety of perspectives, differences in perceptions and actions (Thiederman, 2008).Some of the distinction categories may either have a positive or negative impact on employment and job prospects in different countries (Albrecht, 2001).If skilfully managed, diversity can bring a competitive advantage to an organisation.If not, however, the bottom line can be negatively affected and the work environment can become unwelcoming (Henderson, 2001). 157 In materia di protezione della fauna selvatica e di prelievo venatorio, in attuazione dell’art. AC 1327 (Legge europea 2013) - Modifiche alla legge n° 157 del 11/02/1992 Modifiche alla legge 11 febbraio 1992, n. 34/R "Testo Unico dei regolamenti in materia di gestione faunistico-venatoria in attuazione della l.r. It is usually defined broadly to include dimensions which influence the identities and perspectives that employees have such as profession, education and geographic location.As a concept, diversity is considered to be inclusive of everyone (Albrecht, 2001).


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