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Since 1980, the number of violent crimes committed by juveniles has climbed steadily; between 19, the number of juveniles arrested for violent offenses increased by nearly 68%.*1 (This figure is particularly alarming given that many incidents of violence are not reported to the police.) *2 The extent of the problem is further indicated by the fact that since 1989, the homicide rate for juveniles has exceeded the adult rate, and since 1980, the juvenile arrest rate for all types of violent crimes has surpassed the rate recorded for adults.

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To children some of the artists are their role model and the child may want to grow up and be just like their role model.

If a child sees one of their role models robbing banks or doing drugs and this is the person that they want to be like when they grow up, then the child may start doing what that particular artist is doing in the music video.

Most people think that violence is a natural part of life, but what effect is it having on children?

As the number of violent crimes committed by young people under the age of 18 has increased in recent years, the problem of youth violence has been elevated to an issue of national concern.

When a child plays a violent game the child probably believes that this is cool.

The child may begin to start thinking about things that he sees on the video game for instance, the child may begin to wonder what does it feel like to own a gun? These are just a few of the questions that the child may have and it may inspire them to do violent crimes.

These are the three prominent factors that determine the cognitive growth of children and hence they dictate their social interaction and behavior (Lerner and Spanier 50).

The foremost explanation of violent conduct in youths that can be traced back to family life lies in the ideals that are projected upon children by their parents.

At the state and national levels, the response from policymakers to the surge in youth violence has primarily come in the form of "get tough" measures, including substantial increases in funding for law enforcement and corrections, and increased penalties for juveniles convicted of offenses involving the use of violence.

Curfews targeted at teenagers and a variety of measures intended to improve school safety have also been adopted in cities throughout the country.


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