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[tags: Workwear, Dress code, White-collar worker, Casual] - At the beginning of each school year students and parents receive the student handbook which includes the school’s dress code.

Most students hate the dress code because it prohibits them from wearing certain things to school.

All around the world, many schools ranging from elementary to high school enforce a dress code for the students.

Many people everywhere, including parents and the students, disapprove of the use of uniforms for a number of reasons.

- Envision yourself sauntering down the hallway when you see a teacher you despise inspect you from head to toe.

You know they are just trying to find something wrong with what you are wearing so they can dress code you. They walk toward you with a smug look on their face and utter the infamous words, “are you in dress code?Dress code can affect students attitudes, personality, motivation, stress level, and influences in numerous ways.The effects it can have on a person vary in both good and bad ways.[tags: Dress code, Education, School uniform, High school] - Casual Dress Code: Positive or Negative Effects Dress codes are a huge part of being in the working world.Dress code is considered to be a “set of standard clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organizations activity” (Wright Gen, n.p).[tags: Gender, Education, Discrimination, Dress code] - No matter what state you live in virtually everywhere schools have a uniform or dress code policy.In the last few years the percentage of schools requiring a uniform has gone up almost ten percent, making the total of public and private schools with a uniform policy at about 23 percent.[tags: school uniforms] - At first, I had a hard time decided on where in Los Angeles to go and observe for this assignment.There were a lot of great choices because Los Angeles is very diverse city.A school dress code is a series of rules that school boards create intending to restraint the way students dress.This policy was originally created to make schools a safe learning environment; however, this policy has caused many complications in schools around the world because student’s rights are being taken away....


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