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Creon is the tragic character in the play “Antigone”. When Creon is talking to Teiresias, he thinks that he is being paid off.

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Finally, Creon has his anagnorisis and realizes that his hubris has brought his downfall.

Yoshiyama English 2; Period 1 30 October 2013 Loyalty or Morals: Which is More Important?

Antigone wasn’t afraid of the danger of Creon’s law, because being a loyal sister was more important to her than death.

Antigone didn’t want her brother to be dishonored by Creon and his law for some grudge he may have against Polyneices.

When Teiresias tries to make his sacrifice it won’t burn and the birds are fighting, which isn’t a good sign.

This means that the gods are angry about something.Creon also says, “My own blind heart has brought me from darkness to final darkness.” This shows he knows he didn’t use his brain top solve his problems.He was already heading the wrong direction with his pride and it finally was too much.Sophocles at first portrays Creon as a just leader.He has good, rational reasons for his laws and punishments. More often then not that tragic flaw is excessive pride, hubris.His hubris doesn’t effectively let him deal with his problems.Teiresias’s prophecy is the peripetia and Creon finds out things won’t go the way he planned.However, Creon was just as loyal as Antigone: “But whoever shows by word and deed that he is on the side of the State,---he shall have my respect while he is living and my reverence when he is dead,” (Scene 1).Creon states that he will only be loyal to those who are loyal and respect him.Creon also realizes that it was his fault Haimon dies. Creon almost seemed like he wanted Haimon to be angry so he put Antigone in the vault.He couldn’t see that Haimon was in love and Antigone was just trying to honor the dead because of his hubris.


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