Essay Causes Environmental Degradation

The effects of water pollution are major cause of death for humans at global scale.

Furthermore, water pollution affects oceans, lakes, rivers, and drinking water (Scipeeps, 2009).

He further said that other factors, such as poor environmental ruling, less efficient technology of production, jammed roads, and age and poor maintenance of automobiles also increase pollution level.

It is established that air pollution is caused of ill health and death by natural and man-made sources.

Some of indoor air pollutant sources in houses including building materials, pressed wood products and furniture, central heating and cooling systems, several personal care or household cleaning products, painting colours, solvents, heating or cooking appliances (stoves, wood and gas burning fireplaces, gas heaters), tobacco smoke, office machines and other products used in daily activities (EPA, 2007).

Consequences of Air Pollution: Air pollution cause many health issues.The main pollutants found in the air people breathe include, particulate matter, PAHs, lead, ground-level ozone, heavy metals, sulphur dioxide, benzene, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide (European Public Health Alliance, 2009).Air pollution in urban areas has numerous health impact such as a shorter lifespan for city inhabitants (Progressive Insurance, 2005).Major man-made sources of ambient air pollution include tobacco smoke, combustion of solid fuels for cooking, heating, home cleaning agents, insecticides industries, automobiles, power generation, poor environmental regulation, less efficient technology of production, congested roads, and age and poor maintenance of cars and other automobiles.The natural sources include furnaces and waste disposals, forest and agricultural fires (European Public Health Alliance, 2009).The liquid waste is usually high in biological oxygen demand, suspended solids, and chlorinated organic compounds such as dioxins (World Bank, 1999).Types of water pollution: Treatment of water pollution: There are many ways by which water pollution can be treated such as industrial treatment, denitrification, septic tank, and ozone waste water treatment.Air pollution monitoring and source categorization (Source: Bhola, et, al., 2010) Water pollution: Water pollution is also a matter of concern for human life.Polluted water comprises of Industrial discharged wastes, sewage water, rain water pollution (Ashraf et al, 2010).Before raw sewage can be carefully released back into the environment, it must be treated properly in a water treatment plant.In a water treatment plant, sewage goes through a number of chambers and chemical processes to reduce the amount and toxicity of the waste.


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