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By unrolling their memories, people can draw wisdom from prior errors and safeguard their futures.

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It reminded him of the field slaves he saw in books. James Mc Bride, the author of The Color of Water never played it for her.

The burden of his past fell upon him and he felt the pain his grandmother Hudis must have endured in Suffolk.

During this time period Jewish people were looked down upon and ostracized; on top of that, Ruth also had a handicapped mother that attracted more attention, causing more mortification for her.

Consequently, these parallelisms here act as a kind of foreshadowing device as well as help Mc Bride acknowledge more about his mother’s life and learn the fact that even though they come from divergent cultures, they both encountered situations where they had to overcome similar obstacles.

Ruth came to America when she was a young girl in a family of Polish Jewish immigrants.

Ruth married Andrew Dennis Mc Bride, a black man from North Carolina.Contrastingly, Ruth on other hand is also humiliated by her state of being.In the chapter “The Old Testament”, for instance, Ruth mentions “[she] was poor and Jewish and [her] mother was handicapped” (Mc Bride 38).Another example is, “The New Testament” and “The Old Testament.” Both of these chapters revolve around the embarrassment Ruth and James feel for their circumstances.In “The New Testament,” Mc Bride feels ashamed of having an eccentric white mother, who when singing the hymns in church sounds “like a cross between cold engine trying to crack on an October morning and a Maytag washer” (Mc Bride 45).To begin with, the dual narratives of the text here present a unique mixture of chronology and perspective.Moreover, noteworthy is also Mc Bride’s usage of the rhetorical strategy of alternate chapters and parallelism.The novel, The Color of Water follows the author and narrator James Mc Bride, and his mother Ruth’s life.It explores their childhood—when they were both embarrassed by their mothers—through the part of their lives where they began to accept themselves for who they are.He experienced a desire to embrace life and humanity.James returned to New York recognizing that in this appreciation of life, beyond all the rules and religions in the world, he paid tribute to his grandmother.


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