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(IE: Year one of College) Subjects of Study: Biology; Chemistry; Economics; French (AS) YASS in Molecules; Medicines and Drugs by Open University and BTEC Level 2 in Workskills and BTEC Level 2 in Door Supervision. Look over the planner and see what's on today and look at lists etc... I usually wake up to the radio , to hear the news , opinions and any important travel info.

: D ) Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Well I wake up at around or am ( It depends) I hang about for a few minutes.

Year of Study: 2nd year at college - A2 Subjects of Study: Art, Psychology, Physics and Critical Thinking Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Normal day: Wake up, brush teeth, have a shower, get ready, drink warm milk/tea, put shoes on, pick up my bag, leave the house, run for the bus, miss the bus, wait 15 or so mins to catch the next one, reach college quite late without a sufficient excuse, but usually don't get told off. I went into Physics 30 mins late and was greeted with a smile from my teacher and wasn't told off.

I haven't done my Art hmw, so I'm currently skiving. And since I have a free before Art and 2 frees after, I decided to come home.

she then told us we had another test on monday though *sigh* LUNCH- lunch is 1-2 ...

I went to the canteen and had a tuna jacket potato, it was nice, I finished doing all that at about twenty past and headed up to student services to get my new ema slip thing.It's structured but you never know what is going to happen the next day.:) I would recommend Harrow College to any prospective student.I generally dont have that much homework at the moment- because i always do it in my free periods, but sometimes I have some, but ill generally do it on the bus home anyway : P.Im not much for preparing either- I basically have a box with all my college books and then in the morning i just look at my timetable and put in what I need, its a good system for me And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life?My clothes are usually ready from the night before.My bag be ready from the night before , but not often.Update: Yep, I stuffed my face after I reached home and now I'm on the laptop...And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? Firstly, the atmosphere at college is a lot better than secondary's since everyone's more grown up and mature, and there aren't little year 7s/8s doing your head in.Also, I quite like my subject choices and I'm not regretting picking them, so that's a plus. The free periods I get are so cool and you can get quite a lot of work done, if you're not messing about.You get treated more like an adult at college, rather than a kid, and you usually don't get told off for something minor, like, wearing your coat/scarf in class. And last but not the least, I get to see my friends most of the days.


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