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Still, a house is a symbol for a person or for a way of life.In my dream, I see the house from inside, corresponding to the way we see our own lives and bodies.An industry of books and shelter magazines testifies to the popularity of this domestic daydream. the year's most celebrated homes from the most accomplished designers. That would disrupt the dream, in which the magazine reader is the happy inhabitant.

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The expense is rarely mentioned, partly because it is obvious, but more because the dream does away with practical concerns. The description is realistic, minutely detailed, and loaded with adjectives.

The granite countertop is polished, the fireplace mantel is veined marble, the ceramic tile is imported from Italy, and the wood floor is reclaimed oak from a demolished mill.

Built in 1874 of multicolored brick, stone and wood, the house is described as Victorian Gothic.

It was gorgeously redecorated and enlarged in1881, to a total of 11,500 square feet. This period was the happiest and most productive of Twain's life, when he wrote his classic novels and raised three daughters.

In a dream that recurs with variations, I visit an apartment that I leased months or years ago. Or I find myself in an old house, one in disrepair.

A window has been left open, or the front door will not close.You feel that your home, and by extension your life, is small, plain and empty.There is a hidden social message, too, the competitive spirit that seeps into every aspect of our lives.All of which seems harmless, except that plenty of people have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality.A diet of too many sweets is unhealthy, and a surfeit of dream houses leads to distress.Look closer, and the lighting is too bright, the colors too intense, the glass too clear.The shadows are missing, just as the untidiness of life is missing.The dreamer encounters obstacles, and experiences frustration. Their houses were thus acts of self-love-'dream houses' where they hoped to live, love, and work wonders of creation." Axel Munthe (1857-1949) was a Swedish physician and psychiatrist who wrote a memoir about his villa on Capri, First published in English in 1929, the book was immensely popular and was translated into 50 languages.An architect with years of experience in luxury houses says in conversation: "It is easier to design a resort hotel or an expensive vacation home than to draw a couple's dream house. She wants to cram everything in, and he wants to meet a budget." Somewhere in the process, perhaps after construction has started, the client receives a reality check. Munthe had a rich clientele in Paris and Rome, but he also worked in Naples among the poor during the cholera epidemic of 1884.Where is the stray shoe, the carpet stain, the magazine left lying on the couch?The photographs, for all their apparent realism, have been carefully arranged, with hidden lights, and then skillfully edited, to remove the fallen leaf from the plants brought in as props.


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