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We learn how to interact with others and how to crawl, walk, and run.Some of this we learn on our own, and the rest we learn from our parents and siblings.The number of jobs that someone possessing only a high school diploma can qualify for continues to shrink each year as employers push for more professionalization of employment.

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Education is something you can’t lose so it would be the wisest choice to get as much of it as you can.

For me obtaining that education and knowledge is a very important factor for the life I’m living.

Education for me is like a partner that will accompany me in the journey of life and success.

Like me there are persons that are obtaining education and making effort to succeed that is why I started becoming resilient.

Similarly, if you wish to become a pilot of a plane or a boat, you must learn how to operate those machines, and that takes education.

Whenever we learn, formally or informally, we are experiencing education. The Need for Education Around the world, there has been a massive push to increase access to education.Over the past fifty years, preschool and pre-kindergarten programs have expanded rapidly, and on the other end of the spectrum, governments have been working hard to expand students’ access to higher education.I also believe it could make me a person everyone would want to trust and respect.When I am studying I don’t want anyone to bother me so I figured It could help you stay away from trouble and people that might not be a good influence on you.Having a broad general education helps a student to see connections between subjects in different areas.When a student can make these kinds of connections in the real world, he or she becomes an asset to the global business world, one where information and events are often interdisciplinary and seeing how different subjects and approaches tie together puts you on a fast track to success.This isn’t simply a conspiracy to funnel cash into the pockets of schools and teachers.Instead, it is a recognition that education is essential for achieving one’s goals.But that’s not the only reason education helps to create the conditions for success.Education also broadens the mind and exposes individuals to topics and information outside their usual comfort zone.


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