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They have true love because they are honest with each other and sacrifice important things to allow their relationship to proceed.In Our Town the quote “Love conquers all” applies to many relationships throughout the play.These relationships that were discussed in the previous paragraphs are all very life-like in comparison to the relationships that people are going through over ninety years later.

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This quote means that if you love someone all other differences, views, and shortcomings can be either agreed upon or discarded as unimportant. Gibbs is getting home in the morning just as everyone else is getting up from a night of revitalizing sleep. The relationship between George and Emily is definitely one of developing love. I never would have thought such a thing could happen to me.” He took her advice because he cared about what her feelings were for him and applied it to his life.

If everyone were to view each other with love, according to this quote, anyone could conquer anything that he or she wants. When this quote is applied to marriages it shows that even though a person may not agree with their mate on something they can solve the complication with some kind of agreement. Gibbs have a relationship in which love is shown between the two. Gibbs is more verbal with her feelings of worry and want than Dr. he had just delivered twins on the other side of town and will have to be back out at eleven to go see another person. At first they complimented each other which caused their friendship to progress. Finally they began to incorporate each other into those plans and making them work out so that their relationship could continue to grow. In another section of the play George decides not to go to a university so that he can be with Emily.

From newspapers we understand that not all questions have unambiguous answers.

Different articles convinced that conflicts are not necessarily resolved violently, they show a different life. It is also an important cultural export article that brings revenue to the country and increases its prestige abroad.

After that, accumulated knowledge became possible to store and transfer to other people, other generations. Now the speed of spreading knowledge has become much higher. We can assume that modern civilization is based on textbooks, newspapers that have brought us spiritual and scientific knowledge.

Knowledge is information presented in a certain form.

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Art has evolved and regenerated itself many times during our human existence.

One of the paradoxes of human development is that throughout its development, people used, accumulated, transmitted information, not understanding and not even thinking about it.

The real civilization began from the moment when writing appeared.


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