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Other material should, as far as possible, be included in the text.

Footnotes should never be used as a means of getting round word limits by including information or argument in them that should be in the main text.

When this starts to happen to you, though, you may well begin to wonder whether that footnote is really essential after all.

Indeed, they provide supplementary data as well as citations at the bottom of a page of the document.

But think whether such information needs to be present at all.

If the term being footnoted in the first of these examples is so obscure, why not merely explain it?In a book-length piece, you should start a new series of notes (i.e. Every time the ideas, facts or opinions of another are used in a piece of work this must be acknowledged with a full reference.Whether a source is quoted directly or indirectly, paraphrased or summarised, it must be acknowledged with a footnote or endnote. Notes should include the minimum information necessary for a reader to find and consult your source.Generally, editors shall recommend parenthetical data to be put into footnotes which will serve as a way to keep the flow of the text all in one piece.When footnotes are utilized accordingly, they can definitely be useful addition to content or as an immediate approach to indicate a quotation.Second, if you want to put more than one footnote on a page, you have a problem.Printed books sometimes trot out a startling array of further doodahs to mark additional footnotes, such as the dagger, or obelisk, or obelus (†) and the double dagger, or diesis (‡).Sadly, countless of students find the thought of writing endnotes and footnotes very challenging and because of this they just prefer to not include them in their papers.And, it is also due to this why some students obtain lower grades on their dissertations.Below is a detailed guide in writing endnotes and footnotes.In the MHRA system, references to sources used in your work are set out in full in notes, either at the bottom of each page (footnotes) or at the end of the piece of work (endnotes).


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