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They must now choose for the future yet do not know what to do.In the final section, the mothers’ and daughters’ stories intertwine and reveal how hope and love can transform sadness, anger, despair, and fears from the past.

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And June believes it was her mother’s impossibly high expectations that make her feel that even today, she is a failure.

The reverberations of these childhood lessons reveal themselves when the four grown daughters face marital conflicts, career setbacks, and the despair of never having found what mattered to them.

I had been told that the typical first book by an unknown writer might sell five thousand copies—if you were lucky.

I heard that it might last on the bookstore shelves six weeks—if you were lucky.

She lives with her husband in New York and San Francisco. How did your life change after the publication of this book?

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I wrote this book with no expectations that it would be read by very many people.INTRODUCTION Through the stories of The Joy Luck Club, we peer into the secret-laden lives of eight Chinese immigrant mothers and their American-born daughters.The daughters reject their mothers’ seemingly constant criticism of everything they choose, from husbands to hairdos.Waverly, a chess prodigy, thinks she has grown more clever than the mother who gave her “invisible strength.” Lena fears being drawn into her mother’s madness and consoles herself by imagining others having a life worse than hers.Rose, whose mother cannot let go of the memory of her son who drowned, now believes that by hoping for less, you aren’t as vulnerable to loss.They recall moments in their past when they were faced with similar circumstances but defied what they believed was bad fate in order to find their true worth.The book begins in the voice of June (Jing-mei) Woo, a woman in her thirties, who lives in San Francisco.To the daughters, their mothers’ hopes translated into impossible expectations. The individual stories are grouped into four sections, each tied together by emotional themes.The first section concerns sacrifice and loss, what is meant by giving of oneself and giving up.Thus, as the mothers see it, their daughters are flailing in their modern American circumstances, unable to use what is “in their bones,” the family’s inheritance of pain that led to their determined strength for survival, which their mothers try to bequeath them.The mothers, meanwhile, watch with heartache as their daughters’ marriages fail, as they expect less and less and so accept less and less.


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