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In the past, it has advocated for women’s advancement in the labor force and spoken out against gender discrimination in employment.But in recent years it has also begun to sponsor programs promoting specific, stereotyped gender roles that emphasize women’s subservience.

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Claiming to enhance female students’ “overall quality,” the school offers students courses on “psychology, etiquette, image, art and family,” according to an April article on the local government’s website, qualities you might expect to be on offer at a finishing school, not a state-backed university.

But this is just one example of the Chinese government’s harmful and discriminatory efforts to push women into subservient gender roles.

For women working in male-dominated industries, research has shown that women and men are not treated equally.

Biases and discrimination are reducing women’s access to advancement and leadership opportunities.

China’s state-run organization on gender equality is promoting a damaging narrative about women’s subservience in an attempt to fix social issues, Human Rights Watch China director Sophie Richardson writes.

women’s school, I couldn’t imagine that a careless and unreserved northern girl like me could gracefully sit here showing everyone how to make tea.” These are the words of a Chinese college student from the Kunyu Women’s School, a partnership between Industrial and Commercial College at Hebei University and the local branch of the government-controlled All-China Women’s Federation.Since the founding of the People’s Republic, the Chinese Communist Party has asserted that it is deeply committed to gender equality.The All-China Women’s Federation (), along with its local branches, is the party’s primary organization for promoting gender equality.Human Rights Watch’s recent report on gender discrimination in job advertising found that 19 percent of the 2018 national civil service job listings specified a requirement or preference for men and only one specified a preference for women in the list.A 2013 study shows that a quarter of all women in China have been victims of domestic violence.Still others advertise the attractiveness of their female employees to recruit male applicants, with one company posting photos of young female employees and describing them as “late night benefits.” Hiring discrimination is one reason why the gender gap is increasing in China, leading to a drop in female labor force participation and an increasing gender pay gap. Yue do not see the sexism and discrimination that many of us view from the outside looking in, but we must acknowledge that gender discrimination is often interwoven into cultural norms.As a result, China’s gender parity ranking has fallen from 63article shows, as much attention as there is being paid right now to gender discrimination in the U. For example, “booth babes” or promotional models are still in use by many tech companies at large U. trade shows to attract interest from conference goers in a male-dominated industry.The survey found that women and engineers of color were more likely than white men to report doing more “office housework” such as finding a time everyone can meet, taking notes and planning office parties.“Just last year they hired a new female and one of the managers was telling me how happy they were about hiring her because she really clean(s) up after the guys and keeps the lab tidy,” said a white woman survey respondent.Yue said that she does not consider her job to be sexist.But consider the qualifications that the human resources executive indicated were necessary to be considered for the position: She must be attractive, having “five facial features that must definitely be in their proper order,” speak in a gentle way, have a contagious laugh, be able to apply simple makeup, and be taller than 5 feet 2 inches.


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