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Interestingly, here he admits to being a shy and cautious lover.

However, in the third Act, we find that Othello’s inexperience allows Iago to convince him that he doesn’t understand Venetian women, and that they are known for cheating on their husbands.

As Othello retells the story of his courtship in the Senate office, the Duke is so struck that he understands how his daughter was won by such stories.

Yet, this rich imagination has a handicap; it makes Othello vulnerable to Iago’s stories of Desdemona’s infidelities.

He sees death as an act of justice, not of revenge.

It is painful for him to see his own wife die, but he feels that he doesn’t have any other options.He is a soldier; trained to live by the strict rules.From his travels around the world, Othello tells of marvelous and exotic tales about strange people with different customs and unusual appearances.Once again, these mind-altering words make Othello doubt his wife’s innocence more.Furthermore, as a professional soldier, Othello has gained a strong reputation.Knowing that Othello easily trusts in people, he has inexperience with relationships, he believes in a strict code of honour, and he has a wild imagination, it can naturally be concluded that these qualities would ultimately lead to tragedy.William Shakespeare's Othello to a large extent conforms to the tragedy tenets as put forth by Aristotle.His imagination runs wild with Iago’s invented details and “proofs”.Othello is like many people in today’s society; it is not uncommon to believe in lies.Because Iago is so brilliant, many people would fall into his trap.One can not say for certain if his close friend is always speaking the truth.


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