Essay Homeless Person

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The housing crash and its chilling effect on mortgage lending have hit the poor the hardest.I needed money badly, and when I turned 62 I applied for early retirement to activate my Social Security checks.At 2 a month, it wasn’t enough then, and it’s still not enough now.Finally, I hit a point where I just couldn’t take it anymore.I used some money collected from friends, put my faith into a world where I had always been able to land on my own two feet, and moved out with no solid living plans. Domestic abuse is cited as the main reason for immediate homelessness for 50 percent of women without homes.I divorced my husband, and three remaining family members who were very dear to me all passed away, shrinking my safety net.I got rear-ended by a car and developed fibromyalgia.Most of my adult life has been in California and Nevada, but I also traveled around the world to Europe and India after graduating college.Then in my mid-40s, my life slowly started to unravel.I was running out of money fast and needed steady work.Day after day was spent sending out hundreds of résumés and applications, but I rarely heard back and only landed one or two interviews.


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