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Everything has its time and no one should be rushing into anything.Homework can actually be very stressful from time to time because what teachers don’t realize is that the homework they assign is much more than the amount of one class homework should be. I chose this topic because homework is something that majority of teenagers complain about, including myself.

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But, at the end of the day I find homework to be helpful because by doing homework, a student will learn independent thought, perform better in school, and will have a bright future with a great career.

A common issue for teenagers not doing there homework is time, students decide to get a job and focus on making money, when there homework and education comes first.

I support the view that the teachers giving homework know the capacity of a child.

My knowledgeable opponent has submitted that it makes them busy day and night. I, therefore, whole-heartedly oppose the motion that homework should be abolished.Besides the homework, to make it even more stressful, teachers assign a big test or quiz that the students didn’t have much time to study and don’t really learn anything from doing that.At the end of the day, they will end up failing the test because they didn’t have time to study and it just makes the situation much more difficult on the student.The subjects make them sound easy but they are quite difficult because most students lack sufficient experience.Writing an essay for the first time is not easy despite the type of assignment.Teachers forget that students not only sit in their class but also have six other classes as well, and because of that, students complain about homework very often.Some part depends on the teacher because some teachers will just go over the top and give you to much work even though they believe it is very helpful to you and to be motivated is good for your future which it is, but also can be very hard for young teenage kids.I support, therefore, that homework should not be abolished, as it is necessary part of learning.I strongly oppose the general view that homework keeps the students busy all the time and they have little time to play.If, however, a visual demonstration is given to them, it lasts longer in their memories.Homework is that practical demonstration of the learning, which is given to them at the school stage.


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