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The hope that is within the speaker is much like a bird that continues to fly inside her despite hardships.

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This hope can give a person a positive outlook on life and motivate him or her to look past what is happening in the present.

In the poems “Hope is the Thing with Feathers” by Emily Dickinson and “The Darkling Thrush” by Thomas Hardy, they both convey similar messages about hope.

Both works display the theme of hope being present at all times no matter how bad things may seem and is a consistent option for anyone in need of help.

In “Hope is the Thing with Feathers,” the message delivered is that hope is present to any person.

Although she was very close to her family, she rarely left her house and had very few visitors.

She lived in a world of her books and was mostly self-taught.Each of the Polish translations of the poem is presented along with its back translation and the original poem in a table.In that way every user of this page has an opportunity to learn whether the translators succeeded in rendering the imagery present in Dickinson’s poem or whether the imagery changed and to what extent.The poetic diction and vivid imagery used to illustrate her metaphor reveals Dickinson’s deeply personal sentiments which allows readers to connect with her point of view.Emily Dickinson was a reclusive American poet born in 1830.The feathers imagery invokes hope they represent hope as feathers enable a person to fly and give the picture of flying away to another new hope and a new dawn.In disparity, broken feathers and wrecked wing grounds an individual and symbolizes the image of a poor person who has gone through difficult life challenges.I heard a Fly buzz - when I died -The Stillness in the Room Was like the Stillness in the Air -Between the Heaves of Storm -The Eyes around - had wrung them dry -And Breaths were gathering firm For that last...Hope is a Bird that Perches in Your Soul What is hope?For some, hope is a spiritual belief, while for others it is something that comes from within.Emily Dickinson’s poem is actually untitled, as is most of her poems.


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