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Afterwards, Wakka blames Rikku for everything but begins to change his attitude towards her when he discovers that the Al Bhed kidnapped summoners to save them from dying and comforts Rikku when she mourns the destruction of her Al Bhed home.

When he learns that Yuna is half Al Bhed, Wakka becomes confused and realizes that his hatred was not fair as not all Al Bhed are the same.

Wakka is deeply saddened by Tidus’s death at the end of the game, having formed a brotherly bond with him.

Two years later, Wakka is married to Lulu and she is pregnant with his child.

When the team reach Macalania and learn that Seymour murdered his own father, Wakka becomes hesitant about fighting Seymour due to his role as Maester.

Yuna and the party kill Seymour in the Chamber of Fayth much to Wakka’s shock.Wakka is disgusted when he learns the truth and calls Rikku a heathen but Tidus defends her by saying that Rikku is a good person.Wakka becomes angry that no one is supporting him, and he heads to Macalania on foot while the others ride the sleds left behind.During the first match, Yuna is taken by a rival team, the Al Bhed Psyches, so that they could force the Aurochs to surrender the match.While Wakka plays the game, Tidus heads off with Lulu and Kimahri to find Yuna. During which, it is revealed that Yuna is half Al Bhed.Chappu’s death shocked Wakka and because he chose to fight with a Al Bhed machine weapon instead of the sword Wakka gave him, Wakka began to show Jasa seo hatred towards the Al Bhed.Later on, Wakka tries to stop Yuna becoming a summoner, but eventually agrees to become one of her Guardians so that he could avenge Chappu.When Wakka learns about Yevon and Seymour’s betrayal, Wakka begins doubting if the teachings are true.Before fighting Sin, he apologizes to Rikku and the Al Bhed for his behaviour.When Wakka’s baby is born, he receives a sphere of Chappu’s last message that tells him that Chappu lied about the sphere to make him angry and he tells him to just be himself.The message helps Wakka get himself together and he names his son Vidina, which means ‘future’ in Al Bhed.


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