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One day, just an arrow shot away, Sir Lancelot rides by, the sunlight glinting off his greaves.

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The revised, final version was published in London by Moxon in 1842.

The poem is set in England in the Dark Ages during the reign of the legendary King Arthur.

"The Lady of Shalott" is a ballad set in the romantic age of King Arthur and Camelot.

The first version of the poem was published in London by Edward Moxon in 1833.

Her only pleasure is to weave into her web the scenes she sees.

At night, she sometimes sees the end of life, a candlelit funeral; and sometimes the beginning of life, newlyweds under a bright moon.In Europe in the early 1830s, when Tennyson completed the first version of the poem, unmarried women were expected to remain passive in the home or at social events as they awaited the overtures of suitors.Married women were expected to domesticate themselves, overseeing household management and the rearing of children.The action takes place not far from the town of Camelot, Arthur's seat of government and the abode of his famous Knights of the Round Table.Tennyson based "The Lady of the Lake" on an Italian story of the late thirteenth century entitled "Qui conta come la Damigella di Scalot mori per amore di Lancialotto de lac," ("How the Lady of Scalot Died for Love of Lancelot of the Lake").Disillusioned from their social environment, many Victorian artists retreated into dream worlds of the past.Although they often felt the urge to make statements on contemporary social and political problems, they tried to avoid a direct approach to such topics and rather chose to address those issues under the disguise medieval legend or Christian allegory.Some scholars maintain that the theme is the conflict an artist (writer, painter, sculptor, composer of music, etc.) faces in his attempt to remain aloof from the world and his desire to enter it. There is a tragic ambivalence between the artist's desire for social involvement and his fear that such an involvement will destroy his poetic inspiration.As Natalie Lewis says, The lady working on her tapestry in a secluded tower represents the contemplative Victorian artist isolated from daily social life . In order to objectively transform life into art, the artist needs a distance from the turbulences of life.But no one on the road or the river ever sees the lady standing at a window.However, those who harvest the crops hear her singing from time to time, saying, " 'Tis the fairy Lady of Shalott" (line 35).


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