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They will inform you if the rights are available to you, and the process of obtaining them. Foundation has an entire archive of marketing and visual materials for schools and production companies looking to perform The Laramie Project.

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“A literary and theatric legacy, meanwhile, came from a band of playwrights and performers from New York City who were moved by the unfolding story of how a town responds to tragedy, controversy and worldwide media attention.

is a gripping tour through the actual spoken words of Laramie people drawn from hundreds of hours of interviews to show the outrage, the sense of being unfairly singled out, the quiet hope for change among gay and lesbian residents and the sometimes callous behavior of journalists.

By clicking Send, the above School/Theatre Company agrees to credit The Matthew Shepard Foundation for these resources and support in the production program and (optionally) promotional materials such as posters.

NOTE: video resources are ONLY for use by your cast/crew for research and education purposes, and for use during your production.

If anything, the title slides, videos, and pictures that filled the screen eloquently complemented and supplemented the words being spoken by the cast.

Another unconventional feature of the performance was the decision to split the ten person cast across the 40 speaking roles.

After Matthew’s murder in 1998, members of the Tectonic Theater Project in New York City traveled to Laramie, Wyoming, to interview residents about how the attack on Matt had affected the town.

These transcripts were transformed into the play Submit the accompanying form to connect with the Matthew Shepard Foundation about supporting your local production and download various resources.

With the possible exception of the ongoing Wyoming State Archives collection of oral histories from those at the crime’s epicenter, the play, which is still widely performed, is the fullest extant record of the feelings and impressions of those who lived the story.

In the theatre company’s 2009 follow-up , many characters extensively critique the local response, the spotlight the town endured, and in a real sense, one another.


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