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They are: (a) clean environment, (b) good habits and (c) clean mind. The air that we breathe is full of dirt and poisonous elements.One of the basic requirements for good health is to live in a clean and healthy environment. Our cities, towns and rivers have become dumping grounds of wastes and breeding grounds of dangerous microbes.

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For example, though a bit of a generalization, it is probably safe to say that someone who becomes an investment banker has different values than someone who becomes an elementary school teacher.

What those underlying values might be may vary, but one might assume that the investment banker values money, while the teacher values education and helping children.

I perfectly agree with the maxim ‘health is wealth’. People spend sleepless days and nights, running after material wealth forgetting that the first step to acquire material wealth is to have good health.

They dictate the choices you make and determine the direction that your life takes.

Unfortunately, these values may also have created a life that is carrying you down a path that is not the direction you want to go at this point in your life. What values are you presently living in accordance with? Yet, finding the answers to these questions is a challenge and then changing them in a way that will lead to fulfillment is an even greater challenge.

Deconstructing Your Values To truly understand what values you possess and live by, you must deconstruct them until you are able to clearly see what exactly you value and why you hold those values.

What do you do for a living—are you a corporate employee, a business owner, a teacher, salesperson, caterer, or social worker?

A common question that people in social gathering ask is, what do you do for a living?

Optimistic outlook, serene mentality, joyful spirit, laughter, clean thoughts, etc.

have unfathomable impact in bringing about good health.


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