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I’ll never forget the fishy, chewy, and crunchy taste of the little shrimp and cocktail sauce going down my throat, or the unpleasant feeling I had when it was coming up.

The only bad memory of my trip was praying that my legs would stop shaking and that my journey would hopefully reach an end so I could stand on solid ground.

Now they care about their culture, and before they didn’t.” “Relax your wrist,” said Alvaro Paulino, a fifth-generation professional mariachi musician who teaches at the academy several days a week. He added that in the past, perceptions of the genre were more negative.

Some people thought of mariachis as drunks and they didn’t want their daughters to participate.

QUEENS, NY — The rhythmic strumming of guitars and guitarrones played in unison could be heard throughout the bright and expansive basement of Saint Gabriel Church in Queens. ” García is among the advanced students who help teach classes at Nuevo Amanecer Mariachi Academy.

Several yards away from the group of guitar players, 16-year-old Dyana García stood in front of a whiteboard drawing a spiraling symbol. Every week she gives lessons on music theory and violin.

He said he wanted to encourage the female students.

“The parents love to see their daughters be part of the project,” he said.

For Valdez and Rodriguez being a girl in the mariachi genre may be a break from tradition, but at the same time it’s a way to embrace their heritage. “They are Mexican, and they don’t even know what a mariachi band is,” she said. “People care more about it because they miss their country,” he said.

Rodriguez said a lot of Mexican kids growing up in the U. Martinez said he believes mariachi music is actually more popular among Mexican immigrants in the U. Part of Martinez’s vision for the academy is that it will help preserve Mexican culture and pass on traditions to the next generation.


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