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Today individuals can share or exchange information, ideas as well as transact business activities irrespective of the geographical distance between them.Similarly, migration has increased exponentially over the past decades largely driven by socio-economic as well as political factors.

Many who live in America face daily backlash and discrimination if they do express individuality that counteracts the “norms” of America’s cultural society.

In America, discrimination against other cultures seems to be a problem that has almost always been present....

[tags: Culture, Multiculturalism, Racism] - Multiculturalism has been an integral part of Canada since its adoption by the Trudeau government in 1971 and its formal implementation through The Canadian Multiculturalism Act in 1988 (Burnett and Dreidger, 2014).

Multiculturalism has allowed for Canada to engage in a complex social, political, and economic experiment that has heavily informed policy and decision making.

Multiculturalism is defined as "the doctrine that several different cultures, rather than one national culture, can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country" (Web Dictionary).

Canada is a democratic society, which stands to address the needs and desires of individuals in a fair and open approach.

- Multiculturalism is a relatively new has been defined many different ways and from various perspectives both socially and academically (Heckman, 1993), and as in many cases, when definitions are not established, confusion results.

Because of this, within western Christianity and Christian higher education, it is often linked to “postmodernism” and moral relativism and seen as one of the principle threats facing the church today.

However, this might be just an ideological perspective because a pragmatic approach might illustrate a different panorama....

[tags: Sociology, Culture, Multiculturalism, Canada] - America prides itself on being a country of individuality and multiculturalism.


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