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The Good News is that more than 98% of the teens have never tried these harder drugs like cocaine.Let me see if we can do anything about this, first of all on a personal level if we find our friends or other young people indulging in it, we have to report to the family immediately.

On the family level care should be taken in handling these people & we should give them all the love & support to overcome the addictions with the help of De-addiction clinics.

On a bigger scale the society of which we are a part of should take stringent steps to see there are no peddlers or users among them & finally the state should introspect & see why it cannot be rooted out if there is a will & conviction among them.

The writing and argumentation should show sound reasoning using accurate facts and data; furthermore, any first-hand experiences that have to do with alcohol or drug rehab should be related in an honest and insightful manner.

The style of the piece must complement and strengthen its central ideas and conclusions.

Once again this is a misconception which needs urgent rattention. Now let us see How it becomes a menace to the person abusing it so that we can understand how it affects the society.

As the time goes by & the addiction takes root, it causes various personality disorders, serious psychological behavioral problems & loss of priority resulting in Poor judgments, Slowed reflexes, Distorted vision, Memory lapse, Anxiety, Confusion, Constant physical fights, tiredness, Black outs, Lowered inhibitions & problems in remembering recently said or did.To really understand the gravity of the situation one needs to understand a few very important points;- what actually is Drug-Abuse?As I understand a very simple definition of Drug abuse is that it means use of drugs for the purpose for which it is not meant to be used (in other words use of drugs not for treating ailments but to satisfy vicarious pleasure ).They even start believing that Drugs is necessary to have fun & to even to exist.They constantly feel run-down or depressed leading to suicidal tendencies.The Most Common that is used by more than 80% of the people is Marijuana also called Ganja or Grass or weed in colloquial language.The most dangerous aspect to be noted is that in spite of being labeled a Banned Drug, Marijuana is available very easily to all & sundry.- The article should beat least 800 words long and no more than 1000 words total.- Undergraduates and graduate students of all majors are invited to enter the contest by submitting an essay written exclusively for this purpose.I can go on & on about the menace the Drug Abuse causes to the Individual first & then the society, but I feel the more we dwell upon it, the more we would be energizing it, so lets all say NO TO DRUGS & Promise to ourselves & to the society that we would weed out this menace in our generation completely.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.


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