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feels that all of his efforts were useless, and there is no way to stay true to one’s self if that means defying conformity.After his defeat, he tells his friend Goober not to “disturb the universe” (Cormier 259).

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In the Conflict Theory of Sociology, two separate things interact and form conflict, which helps advance a society.

Conformity is a type of sociological tool that advances society.

In conclusion, conformity may dominate our lives, but there is always the chance to make a mark, to become more of an individual than a clone.

Losing one's individuality and one's own mind is like dying. After writing this essay for French IV my teacher took notice in the improvement in my essays, which were the same since my freshman year. Making outlines, writing like I would write in any other subject, creating skeleton drafts in English and then rewriting them in French, and, most importantly, outside resources.

While conformity is defined as following social means and social norms, it is much more than that.

The idea of conformity must be practiced in modern society, for without conformity we would all live in an...Many sociologists study the growth and interaction of modern society.When evaluating these elements, many of the socialist refer to the Marxist Conflict Theory.By this, he means that he regrets not conforming because of all the trouble it cause him.Although the theme of the consequences of nonconformity is not displayed in a positive way, the reader should still be able to find the .Modern life is confusing, so sometimes our vision is blurred and our choices, made in the midst of confusion, may force us in extreme directions of either conformity or individuality.We may follow everyone in everything we do, or we may so much of an individual that we become hermits.As human beings our lives are centered around the thin blue line that separates conformity and individuality.Many times we are confused and rushed, and we draw this line too short or too long, thus being too much of a conformist or an individual. Humans, being complex animals, live in a society that functions as a whole.And, for once, we might form our opinions based on what we really feel.However, sooner or later we are forced to curb our spontaneous desires so that society does not label us as eccentric or weird, simply because we fear being alone.


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