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For that, this paper will discuss the causes and effects of being overweight to inform the people and to warn them as well about how bad being overweight affect their health and lifestyle as well.The most common thing we know why is that, we eat a lot of food and the calories we get from the food we eat are already excessive that our body cannot convert them all into energy.The problem of obesity has to do a lot with our sedentary lifestyle and of course our eating habits.

An increased risk of having different diseases such as gallbladder disease, heart disease, hypertension, dyslipidemia, steoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, and even cancer are some of the dangers that overweight people can encounter.

People who are overweight also tend to have gout, an impaired immune system, respiratory problems, difficulty healing from wounds, reproductive disorders that cause infertility, liver disease, back pain, gynecological complications, pancreatitis, and incontinence.

It is very unfortunate that the word obese is made more common.

At present, 30 percent of children and 25 percent of adults are considered as obese in the UK, which cost the National Health Survey around one billion pounds every year. India, would definitely be alarming as almost every person next door suffers from obesity issue.

Also, according to American Obese Association, overweight people have the high risk of having carpal tunnel syndrome.

The association found out that 70% of the sufferers of that disease are overweight.Overall, these are the things that can be the causes of being overweight.I will now embark upon the consequences of being overweight.Thus, those calories will be stored as fats resulting in gaining weight.Less activity, more food intake equals being overweight.Obesity is a serious health condition and should not be taken lightly.There are many programs being conducted to raise awareness and help people overcome the problem of obesity. If we are going to define overweight, from the prefix "over" means "in excess of" and connecting that word into the root word which is weight, overweight apparently means excessive weight. There are many reason why there are some people become overweight. What are the things do you think that have caused of being overweight? You better to read this paper for you to know the reasons how and why people become overweight and the consequences of being one. It is better to have a healthy lifestyle as early as now to prevent ourselves from being overweight. First, I will discuss the causes of being overweight.Browse through our pages and read more to explore more! Today, I am going to address a very pertinent issue that people are suffering from in the contemporary times, i.e. First of all, I would like to know what categorizes a person as obese in your opinion. For instance, if one has a BMI ranging between 25-30 kg per meter square; then he/she is believed to be overweight.Secondly, in case one has a BMI of more than 30, then that person is considered obese.


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