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Men, as traditional breadwinners, own these houses.

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But Kashdan underscores that she is not an actor, but a doll inside this house, where men see women as: “…dolls to be housed in toy mansions and be indulged, but only sparingly” (Kashdan 3).

Nora is one of the dolls in society that must be controlled. When they marry, they treat their wives like dolls that they put into their houses.

Gillian Brown calls this as the “domestic cult of true womanhood” (Lee 623).

Nora’s main goal is to create and maintain a “beautiful, happy home” (Ibsen Act 1).

It was surprising to me that women were not allowed to sign legal documents, such a personal loan without a man's signature.

Total dependency had to be a tough pill to swallow for strong willed women.Then, she also secretly works and earns money, another act of defiance and autonomy. She does not even use the word human being to describe herself until Act 3.During this time, she says: “I believe that before all else I am a reasonable human being, just as you are--or, at all events, that I must try and become one” (Ibsen Act 3).Lee says: “Nora’s ‘humanity’ relies on a sense that she is the exclusive owner of herself, her body and her work” (623).She becomes independent when she takes matters into her own hand and uses lies to save Torvald’s ego and life.Symbolisms, as well as Nora’s and Torvald’s characters, depict the theme of women’s position in society as dolls, which Nora reverses as she reclaims her humanity.One of the strongest symbolisms in the play is the house, which represents the only private space where women actively work, but also remain duly suppressed as genuine actors of society. Nora seems to be playing the lead role, since girls play with dolls and she is seen as a mere girl by all men in her life.Nora enjoys a doll’s roles and attitudes, until she learns that a doll’s life is neither appealing nor fulfilling.This paper analyzes the symbolisms and theme of A Doll’s House.The first purpose is definitely symbolism, like many aspects of “A Doll House” Rank serves as a symbol for the problems in Victorian families and society through his illness.But more importantly, his presence represents an intrusion of the real world into the perfect world of the doll house, and demonstrates the two main characters complete inability to deal with......


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