Essay On A Quarrel With My Friend

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You and your best friend are so much alike that at times it can be scary.

It's great that you have a lot of the same interests and personality traits, but that can be hard, too.

I love you, and beneath all that logic, calculation, and superstition, I know you love me too.

No human being ought to have such power over another.""It's a very real power, Harriet.""Then ... You don't want ever again to have to depend for happiness on another person.""That's true. Cerise Mar voiced a polite and a nonviolent request that they get the hell off our land, which was refused.” ― “Then all at once our personal and political quarrels were made very abruptly to converge. The seasoned cronies of the Three Peewits had long ago discovered that the most delectable of all social delights was a quarrel that just stopped short of physical violence.” ― “Apart from work, he didn't need an outside stimulus, except that curious one of picking a quarrel.

But in the end, you always end up finding a compromise.

You go to your bestie when you're in a bad mood and want to vent.For example, maybe it's a boyfriend who is actually horrible or a job that's totally toxic.You will be there for them when they need you, but you can't fake the support if you don't think it's what's best for them.Here are seven reasons why you fight with your bestie more than anyone else.The truth can hurt, but sometimes you really need to hear it. You will even find yourself arguing with your best friend more than anyone else.That doesn't necessarily mean they're not your truest BFF.You may take a breather to calm down, but you never leave each other angry.You will do everything in your power to help your best friend get what they want, but sometimes, you know what your friend wants isn't what's best for them.Sometimes, it's the little arguments that are over before you even know it that end up bringing you all the more closer. If they're your BFF, shouldn't you always be on cloud nine having the time of your life?Sure, but a true friendship needs to learn and grow on both ends.


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