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The Universe contains billions of galaxies, each containing millions or billions of stars.The space between the stars and galaxies is largely empty. It would take a modern jet fighter more than a million years to reach the nearest star to the Sun.In the final three shots in the sequence Max is shoved through the doors in to a long corridor.

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Despite this, first and foremost it’s an original story that’s far more compelling than the one created for the disastrous ABBA musical When originally posted in 2008, the embedded videos we found online were all in working order.

However, due to Sony Pictures copyright violation, a majority of the clips have now been removed from You Tube.

All we do know is that the visible Universe is at least 93 billion light years across.

(A light year is the distance light travels in one year – about 9 trillion km.) The Universe has not always been the same size.

We've chosen to leave all of the original videos throughout the piece to give you a reference point of where to follow along when you watch the film on your own to best appreciate the essay.

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Assignment One 2010 Critical Film and TV Perspectives Sophie Fletcher Across The Universe (Taymor, 2007) is a tribute to the great 1960s band, The Beatles.

It would be almost poetical if it weren’t so mind numbingly obvious.

Taymor screams again and again at the audience ‘THE ARMY IS EVIL. ’ They don’t care if your children want to fight for for their country or not; they’re bloody well going to.

While critical reaction was mixed overall, the film did appear on some notable Top Ten Lists and earned one of its greatest champions in Roger Ebert who wrote that overwhelming as Beatles references can be found in every single frame of the film from lyrics spoken as dialogue, plot points, even down to the names of the primary characters.

The cast includes: Jim Sturgess’s mop-topped Jude (“Hey Jude”), Joe Anderson’s mischievous Maxwell (“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”), star Evan Rachel Wood’s sweet, pretty Lucy (“Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”) T. Carpio’s sexual orientation troubled “Prudence,” (“Dear Prudence”), Martin Luther Mc Coy’s Jimi Hendrix inspired Jo-Jo (“Get Back”) Dana Fuchs' Janis Joplin clone Sadie (“Sexy Sadie”).


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