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In 342, Aristotle was appointed tutor to Philip II's thirteen-year-old son, Alexander (later known as Alexander the Great).

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Most American men have a disposition to wear pants.

Because dispositions are variable, we must make certain decisions in given situations that we would not make in other situations.

Little is known about them, but scholars have recorded that his father, Nicomachus, served as the court physician to the King of Macedon.

Biographical Information Born in the Ionian colony of Stagira in Macedonia, Aristotle lost his parents at an early age.

This volume attempts to group Aristotle's works in a manner reflective of critical consensus, as well as to provide entry headings which would both guide users according to modern conceptions of the terms "science" and "philosophy" and honor traditional classifications.

The entry Philosophy includes coverage of Metaphysics, Ethics, and Politics; the entry Rhetoric covers Rhetoric; the entry Science covers the works on logic (including, for example, Categories and Posterior Analytics), biological works (such as On the Generation of Animals), and psychological works (such as De Anima [On the Soul]). Finally, the entry Poetics focuses on Aristotle's Poetics.

If virtue is part of the soul then it must be a disposition, a feeling, or a capacity.

In class we used the example of a drunk driver causing a car accident and seriously injuring another person.

Upon Alexander's death in 323, the anti-Macedonian party grew strong in Athens.

Some of its officials charged him with impiety and prosecuted him.


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